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Here are a selection of comments regarding the value clients attach to Vernon's approach. More testimonials as well as evidence of these originals are available on request:

"Going around the world & experiencing  other teachers, makes me appreciate Vernon even more. He's honest, passionate and very helpful with what he does and those are the hardest things to find in not only a person, but a teacher."
Dudley O’Shaughnessy | International Actor and Model

"Vernon has been a fantastic voice coach and I don't know where I would be without him. He was able to spot and correct all of my speech defects from the moment we met. The vocal exercises he tailored specifically for my needs worked wonders in helping me speak clearly, correctly and precisely. My problems with the letter 'R', my issues with pace, to name but a few problems, are now just a distant memory.

Working on BBC Three as a presenter on 60Seconds news, where bulletins are fast, sharp and punchy, I genuinely believe I would not have been able to do such a job had it not been for the voice training I have had with Vernon. There is just no other voice coach like him - he is a truly amazing tutor."
Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije | BBC3 60 Second News

"An outstanding voice teacher"
Bushra Qureshi | Musical Theatre Diploma Student, City Lit

"Vernon’s style of training is professional, focused, determined, thorough and pertinent. He has a no nonsense approach which I appreciate. He knows in which areas you need gentle guidance and when to encourage you beyond your comfort zone. Being a CIPD qualified trainer I am not easy to please; I am yet to find something to complain about in a feedback form about Vernon ’s work.”
Lauren Davie |Student on LOCN Accredited Drama Access Course, City Lit

"I saw Vernon to get some help and guidance on preparing monologues for auditions. Not only did he fully understand my aims and work towards them, he also identified other areas of technique that I should focus on. The results so far have been excellent and this is largely due to his relaxed, yet structured teaching style. A really beneficial and enjoyable set of lessons!"
Gareth James Kennedy | Actor



Vernon Thompson Voice Coach in London