Vernon Thompson | Voice Coach London


Every voice can be improved.  I can help you reach your true vocal potential.  With over twenty years’ experience as a vocal tutor and theatre director, I will support you with the technical knowledge and muscular training to develop the voice you want. 

I know how it feels to have your speech let you down - and what it takes to stop it holding you back.  Early in my career I had my own struggles with voice, as a working actor battling a stammer.  Over the course of a decade my vocal skills became my best asset.  I later gained the highest international qualification in voice training and went on to find my vocation as a voice coach. 

Since then I have worked with thousands of students, from actors, presenters, and rappers, to lawyers, board directors, and teachers, as well as people overcoming injury and illness.  I work one-on-one and I also teach voice, speech and communication at City Lit, the UK’s foremost adult education college.  I am the Voice Consultant for Channel 4 News and work with broadcasters from BBC and Sky.

There are as many different reasons to work on your voice as there are voices.  You may want to be more engaging, better heard, or judged differently, to build confidence, change your accent, or overcome an impediment.  You can.  And along the way you can develop the love of words and language that’s the currency of the best public speakers.

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Vernon Thompson Voice Coach