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Can you make my voice louder?
Yes, power is obtained through more muscularity and proper breathing techniques. However it is often more about clarity than volume!

Is voice training just for actors?

Voice training is for anyone who wants to develop their voice and/or their confidence in the way they speak;  this may be for personal or social reasons, as well as professional.

I am best man at my brother's wedding. Can I have a one-off session?
Yes! A one-off session is always possible although the work is more focused if we can chart a progression through several sessions.

People say they can't hear me. Can you help me be more assertive?
Yes, the work will strengthen your confidence and root your breathing which in turn will impact beneficially on your voice.

Can you eradicate my accent completely?
Yes, though I typically encourage clients to consider softening their accent to be more easily understood, rather than eradicating their accent completely.   I like to think an accent is part of what makes a voice unique and special.

Many of those I teach have a professional reason to improve their voice, and many more have social or personal reasons to want to work on their vocal skills.

My recent private clients have included:

An Italian actor who wanted to reduce her accent to achieve more general casting
A rapper who developed his articulation and variety and continues to get more bookings
A broadcaster who applied for Thought for the Day on Radio 4
A TV news reporter who needed accent reduction on certain sounds to become clearer to a national rather than local audience
A barrister who improved his resonance and phrasing for greater impact and gravitas
A newsreader who developed her pacing and articulation for fast bulletins
A recovering mouth cancer patient who had to learn different ways fo forming consonant sounds
An actor preparing monologues for auditions
A mother who was nervous about addressing her son’s teachers at parents’ evenings

Many people come to me believing they have a poor voice.  There is no such thing - just voices replete with possibilities.

Can this work make a real difference?
Yes it can.  It’s worth noting that the work for you goes beyond the sessions, in terms of practice and vocal exercises.  If you put in the effort, you’ll see real results.



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