Vernon Thompson | Voice Coach London


Many of those I teach have a professional reason to improve their voice, and many more have social or personal reasons to want to work on their vocal skills.

My recent private clients have included:

  • An Italian actor who wanted to reduce her accent to achieve more general casting
  • A rapper who developed his articulation and variety and continues to get more bookings
  • A broadcaster who applied for Thought for the Day on Radio 4
  • A TV news reporter who needed accent reduction on certain sounds to become clearer to a national rather than local audience
  • A barrister who improved his resonance and phrasing for greater impact and gravitas
  • A newsreader who developed her pacing and articulation for fast bulletins
  • A recovering mouth cancer patient who had to learn different ways fo forming consonant sounds
  • An actor preparing monologues for auditions
  • A mother who was nervous about addressing her son’s teachers at parents’ evenings

Many people come to me believing they have a poor voice.  There is no such thing - just voices replete with possibilities.



Vernon Thompson Voice Coach in London